How to use mIRC

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How to use mIRC

Post by SaSQ on Thu Mar 20, 2008 3:35 am


1) Download IRC-

2) Register @ GameSurge for the Account Registration-

3) You will then get an e-mail from gamesurge telling you how to authorize yourself. Copy what’s inside the quotations. It should be something like /authserv auth ACCNAME pw.

4) When you open up IRC some gay box with some guy should come up. Wait like 5 seconds and you should be able to click continue. Then, the mIRC Options will open. Fill in the info and the Nickname section is what you’re name will be shown as on IRC.

5) On the left side, you should see a bunch of things. Go to Servers which is the 2nd thing on the list. You will then see a whole list of servers. Find the one that says GameSurge. Double click it and click Random Server. Then Click Select.

6) Now go to Options which is the 3rd on the left column and press Perform. A new box should come up. Paste what you’re Gamesurge authorization thingy that you got in your e-mail. Check the box that says Perform on Connect. Then click OK.

7) Go back to Connect which is the 1st on left column and press Connect. Or you can click the lightning bolt on the top left corner to connect. After you wait a couple seconds a bunch of words should come up and then another box comes out. You can type which channel you want to join through this box.

8. If you want to join other channels you
can type /j ChannelName.

#infamous5 – reppin i5
#findringer – to find ringers.. DUHR
#findscrim – to find a scrim..
#calscrim – another place to find scrims
#findclan – to find a clan

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Re: How to use mIRC

Post by Champ on Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:56 pm

Lol thank god u posted this up. Now I dont have to be the one finding scrims thru mirc all the time


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