How to get better at Counter-Strike

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How to get better at Counter-Strike

Post by Melt on Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:17 am

How To get better at Counter-Strike

Note: This information is not of my knowledge or past experience all credit will be shown after the guide.

Step 1:

First, you need to be honest with yourself. How good are you in comparison to the field you play in? Being capable of knowing the environment you're in can go a long way in bettering yourself as a player. If the environment you're in isn't stimulating you to get better, you MUST find a more challenging place to play at. If you are constantly playing with players below your skill level, you will find that you can get away with worse play and still dominate the field. Find a place where you can test your skill against players who are of at least your skill level or above, and that alone will stimulate you to find more creative ways to gain an edge.

Step 2:

Next, once you've found a place where your skill is appropriately being tested, you now need to focus on increasing your edge. The best place to start getting better in any game or sport is with the basics. You've probably heard of the acronym, KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid), and that applies here more than anywhere else. The basics of any FPS are easy: Movement, Aiming and Firing(Clicking). Practicing these basics and recognizing that you can always get better, faster, and more fluid can and will pay dividends at the end of the day if you've increased your reaction time even .05 seconds, or made your movement that much swifter than your opponents. Practicing on jump maps and realistic aim maps which have changing levels (not flat maps like aim_ak-colt) will help you a lot in this respect.

Step 3:

After you've assessed how well you think you are in the game you play, now it's time to see how accurate that assessment is: record yourself playing for 30-40 minutes against players of your skill level, and then go back and watch that recording. WARNING: You might be VERY surprised by what you see, but this is normal. Most people think they are much better than they actually are because we all perceive things differently from what they truly are. Be honest, and notice all the little things that make up your game: notice any dodgy aiming you might do, any seemingly small mistakes that may have cost you quite a bit, as well as any things you DIDN'T notice in game that you now noticed when rewatching. There is so much information in that just gets filtered through while we're playing, and your job if you want to get better is to be able to recognize these problems or mistakes from watching your videos, and to do your best to minimize and ultimately eliminate them. DO NOT just brush them away in your mind or pass them off as flukes because what may seem like you "being unlucky" may have very well been avoidable if you had played just a little bit differently. Be firm with yourself and acknowledge these mistakes in order to correct them in the future. The fewer mistakes you make, the more you'll begin to realize there IS a lot about the game you can control, you just need to take the steps to put yourself in a position to do so. Also remember: taking notes never hurt anyone!

Step 4:

After you've looked over the video a few times, it's time to suit up and see if you can't correct some of those errors. Keep in mind: this isn't a one-time deal. Your end game is to be more self-aware, more conscious about your game, and to better your skill in the LONG RUN. Very few people make huge jumps in skill, and focusing more on what you're doing rather than how good you are will help you minimize the mistakes. Keep alert and focused, and just do your best. If you're still in a state of shock from watching yourself play, just push it to the back of your mind and focus on the present and what you're doing.

Step 5:

The last step is relatively easy: rinse and repeat. Keep playing, enjoy yourself, and keep yourself focused by recording every so often and rewatching yourself play. Notice if there are any reoccurring mistakes that may need squashing, and do your best to eliminate them. Your goal is to better yourself as a player, so that even on your worst day, you're still playing at a relatively high level!

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